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Not in One’s Right Mind

Laughter and adventure: the best medicine!

Welcome to "Cú-cú Palace", the wackiest wellness center for monsters, spirits, and magical beings with a problem! Nestled in a slice of nature, our quirky and somewhat dysfunctional team – Nate the hyperactive kid, Oscar the blue yeti, Lola the dog, and Sama the goat – are on a mission to help these supernatural guests sort out their issues... or at least try to. Who knew "treating" monsters could be so chaotic?

But there's more! They must stay one step ahead of Perl's grandmother, Ramona, who is hell-bent on revealing the secret that Oscar's place is teeming with monsters.


Get ready for an unpredictable rollercoaster of comedy, where laughter and adventure are the best medicine!

Production Information

Status:          In Development

Format:          26x22'

Genre:           Comedy, adventure

Target Audience: Kids

Production:      WFS

Created by:      Gerard Cornella


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