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Not in One’s Right Mind

Not in one's Right Mind

Cornelius is a 9-year-old kid, energetic, impulsive and full of imagination. But terribly friendless… Since he is a razor-sharp tongue and a bit bossy, he struggles to bond with other kids. That’s why his mother, Oscar’s friend from the city, send him on a forced vacation to the lake house. Oscar will see how his peace and way of live, as he is a harmonious Bigfoot, will be completely crashed by the kid wile he tries his best to be a good friend.


Oscar has a secret past and monsters from the dark forest won't doubt to use Cornelius to finally get to him.

Production Information

Status:          In Development

Format:          26x22'

Genre:           Comedy, adventure

Target Audience: Kids

Production:      WFS

Created by:      Gerard Cornella

Sin título-3.JPG

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