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WideFameStudio is a Barcelona based independent animation studio. In WideFrameStudio we feel passion for children's entertainment and we believe it is a powerful tool to spread values ​​and enhance the imagination of our children. We create, write and produce our own series and animation pieces making a special effort on presenting original content with a clear international projection. Currently, WideFrameStudio works on the development of several youth and pre-school TV series.




In addition to our own content we also offer animation services for audiovisual productions, TV series, commercials, movies and games having our own network of talented collaborators including illustrators, storyboarders and animators ready to respond and meet the needs of our customers.


We love animation in all its forms and we believe it´s a strong way to make us enjoy our day by day and wake up the child within all of us. Check out our work and don't hesitate to

 Animation 2D, 3D / 3D Modeling / Development / Artistic Direction / Team Direction / Production

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