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Teo loves to be in disguise at all time.

He claims to be the "him" he is dressed off and make up all sort of incredible stories and real live fantasies while taking his sweet little brother with him. His parents already warn him that one day he will get into big trouble if he continues acting as the most intrepid explorer or the undeadest zombie ever... 


Some times alone and others in company of real and imaginary friends, Teo will not give up daydreaming while planning new strategies to impress his friends and family. 


Igor is a freak!. He spends the days modeling fantasy worlds with his computer and sculpting his ideal friends wile thinking in all the succulent meals he can't afford.

After an electric storm with incredible consequences, Igor finds himself teleported to the Computer Graphic World where he gets to know amazing 3D friends and get into astonishing incredible adventures. 

Luckily for him, he discovers he has the power to model things with his own hands the way he desires, giving life to some little bits of geometry. 

It seems he is something more than a guest in this strange world. 


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In DEVELOPMENT and looking for partners!.

Comedy and adventure for kids 8 to 12 years old.


What would you do if you were a kid with a magical creature fallen from the rainbow, a moody cloud and a genius pig  as your best friends?


Travel across the seven Magical Color Kingdoms of the Rainbow, face the most frightening foes ever (and the funniest ones, too), have the wackiest adventures and defeat darkness itself to find your way back to the hidden land from where all light and magic come from, obviously.


I mean, what else would you do?





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A red shadow is destroying all resources around!

It’s Groum, a misunderstood monster last of his kind, willing for vengeance.

During his long journey trying to destroy humans and all its resources, he will find courious friends that, maybe, could make him change his mind.


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